Monday, March 05, 2007

Suppression in Third

Jennifer Roth won a motion to suppress in State v. McCoy, ending a Shawnee County drug prosecution (126 lbs of marijuana). Judge Parrish granted Jennifer's motion, which she indicated dealt with facts quite similar to those in State v. Ross, blogged about here. Jason Hoffman represented a co-defendant in State v. Kyser, who also won suppression.

I think there must be a lot of these cases in Shawnee County. A little bird let me know that Scott Gesner won a suppression motion in December in State v. Carathers, ending another Shawnee County methamphetamine prosecution based on an improper extension of a proper traffic stop.

Be sure to let me know about these district court happenings. First, it is nice to show the world what a great job defenders are doing around the state. Second, we are arging a lot of Fourth Amendment cases right now and it is useful to me to have a better sense of what is happening around the state in cases I don't otherwise see. So just e-mail me when you get a good result!

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