Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's not American Idol, but vote now!

You may remember (or may not) that I blogged (here) about an edition of "SuperLawyers" and lamented about how few public defenders/criminal defense attorney showed up on the list. I just got my postcard with instructions on how to vote for this year's list. So if you get that postcard, (I think lawyers practicing 5 years or more are supposed to get it) think about some great Kansas defenders that you have seen in action and get on line and vote. I know we are not supposed to be looking for accolades, but a little pat on the back never hurt anyone! (Shoot, I even voted for a prosecutor if you can believe that!)

If you did not get a postcard, (or misplaced/threw away your postcard), there is a link at to get an access code by e-mail. You just have to have been practicing five years or more.

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KSDP Focus said...

I'm happy to report that Randall was among my nominations!