Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bye bye birdie

The next of our ADO attorneys flew the coop Friday. Amy Girard, a Washburn Law School grad, started here in February 2004. Prior to working here, Amy had worked as the motions attorney at the COA. She has also been working in her own family firm, which specializes in representing veterans seeking benefits. Here is a link to her law firm's web site.

At this point in her life, Amy decided that she needed to devote her full time to the law firm (which is in Lawrence, saving her a commute). She is a real believer in the right to an appeal in criminal appeals and her court perspective has been invaluable on many, many occassions. Plus, Amy adds a lot of laughter (albeit loud laughter) to the office. I am sorry to see her go, but am glad she will still be helping people who desperately need help navigating the legal system.

In her fairly short time here, Amy handled a lot of big cases including a win in State v. Jones, (KSC, reversing felony murder trial based on failure to give lesser).

Perhaps her most infamous case, though, was State v. Bryan, which answered the age-old question: if a guy gets an erection, but nobody is awake to see it, is it lewd and lacivious behavior? [Unbelievably, the answer is yes!]

We will be looking to fill Amy's position asap. If you know of anyone that would be interested, have them send a resume to Pat Lawless.

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