Thursday, August 03, 2006

Judicial election results

Following up on previous posts about the election to fill Judge Becker's soon to be vacant spot on the bench in Reno County, Joe McCarville (39%) beat Rick Roberts (33%) and Assistant District Attorney Tom Stanton (28%). He will run against Sarah Sweet-McKinnon (the new Chief Public Defender in Hutchinson) in the general election. I think this will be the only contested judicial election in November.

I suppose the surprise (at least to me) in this primary election was Judge David Kennedy's primary defeat to Robb Rumsey in Wichita. Robb Rumsey will not face an opponent in the general election. I wonder if the recent polling on judges in Sedgwick County had anything to do with this. Or if Judge Kennedy's reputation just finally caught up with him. Or if it was just sort of a random thing? Was there a lot of talk about this race in Wichita?

In other races across the state Judge Phillip Sieve from Wyandotte County won a close primary challenge by Reginald Davis (51%-49%). And in Montgomery County, former County Attorney Bill Cullins won the Republican primary election against Gary House. Bill Cullins will not face an opponent in the general election. [Update: here is a press release indicating that Bill Cullins was appointed to fill a vacancy last April, which I guess I missed. So I guess Judge Cullins was the incumbent in that judicial race].

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