Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just call out my name . . .

A little known fact is that I am a vice-chair (one of three) for the NACDLTenth Circuit amicus committee. That means I am sort of responsible to respond to requests for amicus briefs in the Tenth Circuit or in state courts in the Tenth Circuit and to help find someone to write the amicus brief (or write it myself). I was embarrassed today to have to report that I have done nothing in the last year in this regard. No one has really approached me requesting an amicus brief. I thought maybe part of the problem is that I am not actively soliciting such requests. So, if you are working on an appellate case in the Tenth Circuit or a state court in the Tenth Circuit and have an issue that you think would be of interest to NACDL and would be of use to your client to have an amicus brief, let me know!

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