Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Know a lot of 124 year olds?

I just thought this Wichita Eagle article was sort of funny. In it Judge Pilshaw claims that "This is the first time I've sent someone to prison knowing they were going to die there." What's funny is that I know that she sentenced one of my old clients, Eugene Kemp, about 20 years old at the time of sentencing, to a presumptive 1240 month prison sentence. Did she really think Mr. Kemp was likely to survive that? (We got several of Mr. Kemp's convictions reversed on appeal, (here) so his total sentence was evetually reduced to about 15 years). And I can't believe Judge Pilshaw hasn't imposed consecutive life sentences in some other cases. It just seems a little melodramatic to me. At least she cut the guy some slack on the duration.

[Note: the link to the Wichita Eagle article has expired.]


Mark J. Dinkel said...


Isn't she the judge who ordered Doug Belt's execution??

KSDP Focus said...

I guess approving Doug Belt's death sentence and stacking his other charges didn't clue her in to the fact he too would die in prison.