Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SW Kansas acquittals

In response to my inquiry, Lynn Koehn reports from the Garden City PD's office that he has been busy winning cases: In State v. Garcia, a Seward County agg robbery/agg burglary/agg assault/theft/crim damage prosecution ends with jury verdict of misdemeanor assault (judge granted directed verdict on agg burglary and crim damage, jury acquits on all except lesser of assault). In State v. Martinez, a Seward Count attempted agg burglary, criminal threat, and conspiracy prosecution results in directed verdict on conspiracy and acquittal by jury on remaining counts. And in State v. Eatmon, jury acquits in a Finney County criminal threat prosecution. Way to defend your clients in the Wild Wild West!


SteveC said...

Great blog - very helpful. However I would like to point out that Lynn is in fact a male. And he is kicking ass out here. Get used to his name because you will be hearing it a lot.

Randall Hodgkinson said...

Oops. Sorry. That's one of the problems with being out of touch with so many new public defenders! Thanks for the info. Fixed it!