Thursday, November 15, 2012

Now blogging from Muskogee

Almost three years ago, Randall announced on this blog that I had left the ADO to "hang my shingle" in Lawrence.  I have now taken down that shingle... or whatever is the appropriate metaphor.  I recently accepted a position as the Research and Writing Specialist for the Federal Public Defender in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  I will handle most of the appeals out of the Eastern District of Oklahoma and do some work for the Northern District as well.  Hopefully, this means that I will have a little more insight on federal issues that affect Kansas defenders, even if I myself am no longer defending from inside the state of Kansas.

Although I haven't been very active blogging recently, I hope to change that with the new position.  I now do not have to worry about billable hours, marketing, vouchers, or fighting with BIDS over experts.  I get to focus on the law.  And I hope that translates into more blogging about interesting legal issues and new cases that affect Kansas defenders.  

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