Monday, January 18, 2010

More great appellate work by defenders

As previously noted (here), we try to update on most favorable appellate cases, but we often don't get notice of unpublished affirmances in state's appeals, because the ADO is usually not counsel of record.

Here is a search of the last seven months of 2009, which turned up a lot of great trial/appellate work by defenders. We posted on them (retroactively dated to around when the decision came out), but we thought we would also just list and link them here:

State v. Jimeson, No. 102,158 (Nov. 11, 2009); Michael C. Hayes; affirming Judge Patton's suppression order under Marx

Kargus v. State, No. 100,852 (Nov. 6, 2009); Megan Herrington; affirming Judge Tatum's order granting movant permission to file late petition for review based on ineffective assistance of appellate counsel

State v. Harms, No. 101,159 (Oct. 23, 2009); Scott C. Gyllenborg; affirming Judge Davis' dismissal of charges due to statutory speedy trial violation

State v. Solis-Munoz, No. 99,632 (Oct. 23, 2009); Richard Jones; affirming Judge Leuenberger's suppression of statements as involuntary

State v. Sullivan, No. 101,850 (Oct. 16, 2009); Wm. Rex Lorson; affirming Judge Hellmer's suppressiion order based on Marx

State v. Keaton, No. 101,480 (Oct. 2, 2009); Maradeth Frederick; affirming Judge Fleming's suppression order under Gant

State v. Hoadley, No. 101,205 (July 31, 2009); Shelley Kurt Bock; affirming Judge Martin's suppression order under Fourth Amendment

State v. Isaac, No. 101,230 (June 26, 2009); Andrew Delaney; affirming Judge Weingart's suppression order under Fourth Amendment

State v. Carson, No. 101,242 (June 5, 2009); Shawn Lautz; affirming Judge Chamber's suppression order under Fourth Amendment

Be sure to let us know if you have good district court or appellate cases. And if you send us .pdf, we can post online so others can use in their cases, too!

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