Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carl hangs up a shingle

Well, sad days around the ADO. Carl Folsom (co-author of the blog), has left to join Branden Bell in private practice in Lawrence. Carl started at the ADO in September 2005 and has had many big cases as an appellate defender, including several in 2009 like State v. Jones, (new trial in agg robbery case due to judge improperly and inaccurately commenting on evidence, blogged about here), State v. Schad, (vacating conditions of probation requiring client to put signs up at his house and on his car, blogged about here), and State v. Kelley, (new trial in rape case due to improper admission of heresay, blogged about here). I also fondly remember Carl's win in State v. Gonzales, an agg sex battery case, establishing that, if you complete a crime, it's not attempt.

Carl's a great appellate attorney, who thinks out of the box and is zealous to say the least. But he has also been chomping at the bit to try trial work. So if you are looking for a good appellate or trial attorney, check out Carl and Branden's website here! He'll still be a co-author of the blog and, in fact, may be able to better inform readers about federal court news and private law practice issues!

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Scott James said...

Interesting move Carl. Brandon is a class guy. Good luck with the move.