Monday, October 09, 2006

New ADO faces, new ADO deputies

I've been blogging about a lot of changes in the last few months. We have now hired a number of new people to fill the vacancies.

Ryan Eddinger and Christina Waugh are both 2005 Washburn grads. Lydia Krebs is a 2006 KU grad. This is the first legal job for all three, so we get to mold them in the proper public defender way (wah, ha, ha!).

And we now officially have two new deputies. Janine Cox started with the ADO in 1996 after working for a couple of years at the COA central staff and about five years at the federal district court. Patrick Hennessey Dunn officially started as an attorney with the ADO in 1998, although he had previous experience working on cases at the Defender Project before that. Both Janine and Pat bring a lot of experience to the table. Along with other senior attorneys in the office, it should help us get through this period of high turnover.

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