Monday, September 25, 2006

More judicial evaluations

This month's copy of the Topeka Bar Association newsletter led with a report on its survey of attorneys regarding Shawnee County district judges. The report surveyed attorneys on three "dimensions." First was a "professional dimension," which included whether the judge followed the law and understood complex legal issues. Second was a "diligence dimension," which included punctuality, preparation, and promptness. Third was a "demeanor dimension," which included professionalism, consideration, respect, and interaction with counsel and litigants.

Judge Parrish and Judge Schmidt scored well above average on the overall ratings. Judge Leuenberger and Judge Dowd scored well below average.

I have recently blogged (here and here) about a survey of district judges in Sedgwick County and noted with interest that Judge Kennedy, who was poorly rated, was defeated in his primary not long after publication. Judge Leuenberger or Judge Dowd were both retained in 2004, so I suppose we won't be able to test the possible effect of this survey unless evaluation is done in the future. Judge Mitchell and Judge Wilson are up for retention and they scored above average on the survey.

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