Tuesday, September 12, 2006

KSC puts out the help wanted sign

You can access the release here regarding Justice Donald Allegrucci's impending retirmement and solicitation of nominations for his successor. I expect this selection process will be somewhat under the microscope given the large amount of scrutiny heaped on the KSC the last couple of years by conservative critics. And Chief Justice will be forced to retire in two years, so we are certain to see some big changes in the KSC personnel in the near future.

In many ways, it is sad to see Justice Allegrucci leaving--he is a great voice on the bench and still seems fit. Plus, it is always inspiring to see him hold a prosecutor's feet to the fire. I am in favor of mandatory retirement, but sometimes you lose a good jurist too. Maybe I'm just biased because Justice Allegrucci authored State v. McAdam, State v. Phinney, State v. Childs, State v. Brice (my wins) not to mention State v. Tosh, State v. Dixon, State v. Campbell, State v. Boyd, State v. Carter, State v. Donesay, State v. Greene, State v. Plaskett, In re B.M.B., and In re Crane (other attorneys' huger cases and just to name a few). He was also a frequent dissenter as exhibited in State v. Mattox (a very frustrating loss for me), State v. Ramirez, and State v. Peterman. Although I have disagreed with many Allegrucci opinions, I think it is fair to say that if you sensed that Justice Allegrucci was writing the opinion in your case, you were likely to get a fair hearing.

Please respond if you have any good Allegrucci opinions/stories to add!

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