Thursday, September 14, 2006

Judge Bullock hangs up his boots

Here is the Topeka Capital-Journal article reporting on Judge Bullock's retirement. I would guess a lot of you had Judge Bullock for ethics. He certainly wasn't afraid to make a tough decision!

[Update: here is a nice op-ed from the Topeka Capital-Journal editorial board].

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Talessman said...

Judge Terry Bullock is NO defender of justice, and he definitely doesn't believe in "Innocent until proven guilty".

That is a flyer I designed when Bullock backed me into a corner, after helping DynTek steal over $1100 from me. Then he threatened me with jail after I dared to say I didn't have the ability to pay the money they were trying to extort from me.

Knowing I wouldn't find justice in Bullock's court, I took my case to a higher court - the court of public opinion. There I stood in front of Bullock's courthouse and handed out the flyers above.

Bullock threatened me with jail again later, and I modified the flyer to include the overall injustice occuring in "family law".

Until the People stop accepting the injustices that occur in our nation's courts, these judges will only get worse...

Thomas Lessman