Monday, May 08, 2006

Public defender in the spotlight (a good spotlight)

The Hutch News had a nice article about Tim O'Keefe who is off to make his fortune in the Rocky Mountains. I have enjoyed working with Tim in many conversations and, as this article does a pretty good job summarizing, his diligence will be missed.

[Note: the link to the Hutch News article expired and I have removed it.]

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towens81 said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. O' Keefe. I should say Tim represented me a few years back, my freedom literally was on the line I was facing 14 yrs in prison for something i had nothing to do with, Tim is the best damn defense attorney I have ever seen met heard of etc. He went the extra mile and then some that no public offender has ever done. I can not express how much that man did for me and my family. He made sense of all the craziness that was going on at that time and took the time to listen. So to you Tim where ever you are: you have touched many & changed one small town girls belief in the system. If every attorney & or public defender would just be a little more like you, i would not be sitting here today searching the web endlessly for a child custody attorney that would actually help me! HATS OFF TO YOU! GOD BLESS YOU!

And if you sir Mr Randall Hodgkinson could somehow get me that article, i would truly appreciate it. Thanks so much!